Naked Cake

I love decorating an end-of-season cake. It’s a chance to just go wild with that particular season’s best flowers and color, like I did for THIS spring cake. This past weekend’s wedding cake gave me the chance to do that for summer. I decorated the cake using a whole bunch of goldenrod, some greenery, and a few purple dried flowers.

Summer Golden Naked CakeSummer Goldenrod Naked CakeGoldenrod Naked Cake

With Summer 2015 sadly coming to an end, I wanted to recap my 5 favorite DIY dessert projects from this past season. Follow the links at the bottom of the post to be taken to each tutorial. Summer BBQ Macs

Rainbow and Lick a Color Rice Krispies Treats

Watermelon Ice Cream Pops for Yahoo

DIY Chocolate CactiTropical Cake Cup 3

1. Summer BBQ Macarons // 2. Rice Krispie Treat Popsicles // 3. Watermelon Ice Cream Pops for Yahoo! // 4. Chocolate Cacti Treats // 5. Tropical Cake Cup for P.S. I Made This

Looking for a delicious end-of-summer cake combination to try out?!¬† I made this cake for a wedding last weekend and the flavors were so delicious for this time of year, so I thought I’d share. For a good time, follow along: bake a rich vanilla cake, add some buttercream frosting, drizzle on some salted caramel and top with strawberries! So easy and so dang good! I snapped these photos of the cake prior to the drop off, once I was onsite I added a bottom ring of strawberries at the base. Since there were a lot of cake layers, the salted caramel was used as a filling atop each buttercream layer inside the cake. However, if you’re making a smaller cake, no need to worry about that – just drizzle on top. Enjoy!

Strawberry Salted Caramel CakeStrawberry Salted Caramel Naked Cake

Bridal Shower Cake and CupcakesLast week I was asked to provide a little decor and dessert for a joint bridal / baby shower. I kept the decor neutral and natural to go with the primarily white office kitchen space where the shower was being held. I used lots of greenery and florals used to brighten up the space. Forty feet of white pennant garlands were hung across the ceiling. Small vases of florals and greenery were setup as a runner across the table, and smaller arrangements were placed around the space. There was one blank wall in the space, so I added individual stems of flowers and greenery to the wall  Рthis also served as a nice backdrop for the dessert table. I made vanilla cakes with vanilla buttercream roses and a partially naked vanilla cake for the dessert options. Since the party had originally been scheduled for the following week and I was freshly back from California, it was a bit stressful getting everything ready, but luckily I had my intern there those two days to help prep and setup (thank you Sara!).

Bridal Shower CakeTableBridal Shower DecorModern Naked Cake Bridal Shower Florals Modern Party Decor Simple Naked Cake

To be totally honest, last week was a rough one. With some serious post-California blues, I was rushed into a week of work that was filled with a few big projects – two of which I’ll fill you in on later. My busy week was to blame for that one lonely post last week. As of today, I’m finally able to get back to the normal swing of things around here. However, my post-vacation depression is still in full effect. It’s become increasingly difficult to leave California, and this trip was no exception. It was such an amazing week, filled with so much color and inspiration…on top of great friends, family time, and fun birthday celebrations. I’ve gone through the photos I took during my trip and today I thought I’d share some of my favorite colorful ones. Looking at these is certainly brightening my Monday, hope it does the same for you too!

Bird of ParadiseBlue House GardenMid Century DetailsContrasting ColorsColorful WallTouristFreeway ViewFruit UmbrellaLifeguard Station SunsetPool BallsPalm TreesTraffic Sunset

I recently turned my boring white beach umbrella into a colorful vintage-inspired umbrella, complete with a bright pop of orange and retro fringe. Truth be told, I finished this umbrella over a month ago, but couldn’t quite find the right space to shoot it in New York. I carried it with me on the plane to California last week and was able to finally get some nice shots (and lots of use out of it!) during the two days we spent at the beach. Continue on below to find out how to make your own!

Beach Umbrella DIYRetro Fringe UmbrellaFringe UmbrellaREAD MORE


Watermelon Ice Cream Pops

I’ve made some delicious watermelon ice cream pops for Yahoo Food to help celebrate Ice Cream Week. Yup, these are not just watermelon slices on a stick, they’re ice cream bars! Head on over to the Yahoo Food site HERE to find out how to make them!

Watermelon Pop

OHara Cake4

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of getting to make a birthday cake for Women’s World Cup champion and Olympic soccer gold medalist, Kelley O’Hara. Getting to watch Kelley play in the World Cup last month was such a thrill. That goal she scored in the semi-final game (the ninja kick one!) was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Kelley is such an incredible athlete and I look forward to watching her dominate on the field for our country much more in the future. For the soccer star’s birthday, instead of some grass-covered soccer field cake you can get at Publix, I wanted to make something a bit different (and a little more elegant) that still represented soccer and also referenced her World Cup win. I decided to go with a vanilla buttercream frosted cake and added red and blue buttercream in a watercolor fashion. I topped the cake with edible gold dust to reference that medal she just won, and finished it off with a soccer ball (fondant was used for the soccer ball’s geometric shapes), as well as a paper topper.

OHara Cake2Watercolor Buttercream1OHara Cake5

AlanaJonesMann Naked Wedding Cake

I don’t know if this is weird or not, but prior to making this naked cake, I had never tasted a currant. The bride requested red and black currants as her requested decor for the cake, and luckily her wedding date happened to fall right in the middle of the short season we have for currants in New York. Lucky for me, I was able to purchase plenty of extras so I could eat handfuls (and handfuls) of them after the wedding cake delivery was made. Gosh, they’re delicious and such a different tasting fruit…I’d try to describe what I like so much about their flavor, but I just can’t put my finger on what it is…perhaps it’s just that it’s a new delicious flavor I’m not used to tasting. Anywho, the conclusion: I love currants. And I loved getting to work on this cake, and with this lovely client.

Currant Cake and BerriesCake with Currants 2Cake with Currants


I’m not one for celebrating all of the ridiculous national food days…but I certainly will celebrate for one of my favorite summertime treats, the S’MORE! In case you missed my post last week, to celebrate National S’mores Day today I’ve posted 9 uniquely delicious combinations for you to try out. Find the post HERE and enjoy!!