Since I’m still on a little post-Oscars film buzz, I thought I’d dedicate one more of my “Monday Motivation” posts to the movies. This weekend, after hearing that MoMA was going to have a retrospective for Wim Wenders (now until March 17th), with a week of screenings introduced by Wenders himself, I was so excited that I re-watched my favorite Wenders film – Paris, Texas – one of the most visually inspiring films I’ve ever watched. Here’s the poster, followed by a few of my favorite stills from the film.

Wim Wenders Paris TexasspaceParisTexas03_Paris-Texas copyparis_texas_03Paris Texas Stillparis_texas_-_couvAll images from “Paris, Texas” (West Germany, 1983) by Wim Wenders

A few things that I was reminded of / questioned while watching:

  • The desolate American scenes against Wenders’ brilliant use of color are just perfect
  • Funny how a talented group of Germans made such an iconic American film
  • Speaking of Germans…Nastassja Kinski…such a powerful actress (and a total babe too!)
  •  A lot of symbolism around the colors red and green…especially with the wardrobes
  • Do huge mobile banks still exist? I’ve never seen one, but guessing it may just be a Texas thing?

Most importantly, if you’re in NYC and reading this before lunch (or before tixs sell out), buy a ticket to go see this screening (+ the Wenders introduction) at 3:45 pm today.

MH Inspired CakeREAD MORE (more…)

Wes Anderson has always been a huge source of inspiration for me. His films are inspirational perfection. The sets he creates with his production designers and art teams are so magnificent and when the actors are placed in each set, each and every frame is styled and captured absolutely flawlessly. I always have the urge to freeze each scene and capture the still, so I can keep it glued in my brain (errrr…I mean iPhone photo album) forever. With a pretty successful Anderson Oscar evening last night, I wanted to share some of my favorite stills from the film scenes and sets that I’ve found most mesmerizing over the years.

moonrisemap-of-new-penzance-in-moonrise-kingdomMoonriseKingdom_WesAnderson2Royal Tenebaums TheGrandBudapestHotel2_MartinScali GrandBudapestHotel2TheGrandBudapesHotel_MartinScaliDSC_2579.tifThe_Darjeeling_Limited_91 – 3: Moonrise Kingdom // 4: The Royal Tenenbaums // 5 – 7: The Grand Budapest Hotel // 8 + 9: The Darjeeling Limited

My favorite collection of the Autumn / Winter 2015 shows at New York Fashion Week was Mara Hoffman. Two days before the show, Mara posted THIS peek at her inspiration for the show on her Instagram, so it was obvious this collection was going to be great. That dreamy Luke Walker-Mara Hoffman synergistic post all made sense once I took a look at the collection online. Scanning through the collection I nearly cried when I saw this amazing situation of a coat. The colors, the texture, the length…total perfection. I will definitely be asking Santa for this next winter!

Mara Hoffman Coat

And the gold uber Star Wars-inspired pieces were incredible…especially that one-shoulder number!  The entire collection was so wonderful. I love the progression of Mara’s last few collections; I am such a fan!

Mara Hoffman Fall 2015Photos:

If you missed the cactus cupcakes I was asked to make for Mara after her last fashion show, you can see those HERE.  And speaking of the last show, that spring collection became shop-able this week. How rad are these images of the collection shot by Olivia Malone?! Swooooon!


You can find Part 1 of my NYFW highlight post HERE.

While the NY fashion week show/party scene is definitely not my cup of tea, I do of course, love getting to see the amazing collections that come out. This season, there were a few collections in particular that I absolutely loved – and two in particular that really did it for me.

I’ll mention my favorite one later, but for now I wanted to post a little look at the awesomeness that went down at the Rachel Antonoff presentation. The presentation was science-fair themed (I mean, come on…so genius!) and it took place in a NYC prep school to properly set the tone. The collection pieces were modeled in front of a variety of completely handmade science fair project boards. My personal favorite was the “Who Gave Me Mono?” project which listed my fave pseudo bro-sis duo, Mae Whitman and Miles Heizer from Parenthood, as the suspects. (Sidenote: I’m having serious Parenthood withdrawals. Best. Show. Ever.)  But back to zeee fashion – the theme of this presentation was so creative and ridiculously cute – favorite presentation I’ve ever seen! And I loved Antonoff’s designs – perfect for a lady like myself with a school-girl heart.

Rachel Antonoff - Presentation - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015Photos: Getty Images via Stylecaster

DIY Wall Shelf

As you may have noticed from my DIY Peg Board post last week, I am in the middle of an office redesign.  With my newly painted white walls, I wanted to keep things simple and clean, but I was in the market for a couple shelves to accommodate some of my plants. I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for while perusing the home stores, so I decided to just make them myself. These shelves required only a few materials from the hardware store and they were very easy to install. If you’re a bit hesitant about the labor, don’t worry – they really are simple…and if it’s just you – don’t let that stop you either, I installed these all by myself.  However, if you do have a second set of hands, that certainly won’t hurt! Follow along for the DIY.

Plant ShelfDIY ShelfOffice ShelvesDIY_Wall Shelf

MATERIALS NEEDED (for 1 shelf):

  • Wood stain (optional)
  • 3/4″ thick wood cut to size
  • Pencil + level
  • (2) 1/2″ flanges
  • (4) 1/2″ x 2″ pipe nipples
  • Drill w/ bit
  • (8) drywall screws + anchors
  • (8) 1″ wood screws + washers


Before You Start: Have your wood shelves cut to size.  I used 3/4″ thick pine boards from Home Depot and had (2) pieces cut 24″ long x 7″ wide. If you wish to stain your wood, make sure to do that at least 24 hours before you start the installation process.  Make sure to clean all your pipe pieces properly as well.

Step #1: Into each flange, tightly screw 1 of the nipples, followed by an elbow piece, another nipple, and the second flange.

Step #2: Using a pencil, mark where you will position your two flanges.  Once you have determined the appropriate spot for each flange, use a pencil to mark the screw holes. Make sure that the top flange pieces are level and perpendicular to your wall.

Step #3: Use the pencil markings to indicate where to insert the drywall anchors. Next, working with one flange/nipple/elbow/nipple/flange piece at a time, screw the flange to the wall.  Once you have your two flanges screwed to the wall, check to make sure the top flanges are level.

Step #4: Place your shelf centered across the flanges, with the back edge of the shelf flat against the wall.  Once centered, use a pencil to mark the screw holes. Remove the shelf and pre-drill each hole 80% of the way (this will make the final assembly MUCH easier).

Step #5: Once each hole has been pre-drilled, place the board back into position and screw the board to the flanges.  Since most screws are not wide enough for the flange holes, you will most likely have to use a washer for each of the screws.

Step #6: Apply a bit of weight to the shelf to make sure everything is sturdy.  Once you’ve been assured it can handle weight, go ahead and put that shelf to good use!

DIY Industrial ShelvingDIY Wall Shelves

This weekend my boyfriend surprised me with a little weekend getaway to an amazing home upstate in Woodstock, New York. It was the most relaxing weekend I’ve had in a very long time – and because I was able to get into full-on chill mode, I didn’t end up taking many photos.  However, I did snap a few while in the home and around town that I thought I would share.  Click on “more…” to check them out.

Woodstock Weekend


Modern, minimal, clean, and green vibes on this chilly Monday.

houseofc-elledecoration-greenhouse-4fauxdenz1ind2-682x1024Cincinnati Studio Design 3 houseofc-elledecoration-greenhouse-2tizianatosoni-2finn-rocker

1. + 5. via HouseofC // 2. DIY Faudenza from AlmostMakesPerfect // 3. Unknown // 4. Revisited my Cincy Design Project // 6. +7.  Spotti collection via Tiziana Tosoni // 8. Anthropologie

Speaking of Valentine gifting, I decided I would offer a few unique (and very heart-free) plant-related gifts for the holiday. I don’t typically do this, but I am enjoying the last-minute orders and getting to hear from new folks. I’ve been full of plant puns lately – so I offered out a limited number of my cacti cakes with a little “Stuck on You” Valentine tag, as well as some potted succulents with a heart topper that reads “Life Would Succ Without You”. There are so many love / plant puns, I really had a hard time narrowing down my picks.

Valentines Day Succulents

While non-heart gifts and plant puns are definitely my go-to for this year, I have been seeing a ton of amazing DIY gift ideas online.  Since I’m assuming most dudes don’t think about buying / making their lady something special until the day before (or day of!), I wanted to post a little link love for some DIY Valentine Day gifts.  I’ve also included a few links to some pretty party decor ideas for those of you looking to do a little holiday decorating!

Valentine’s Day DIY Gifts:


Pretty Party Decor Ideas:

On Monday I opened New York Magazine to find a mention of my Gemstone Cupcakes included in the “Best Bets” heart-free Valentine’s Day gift ideas (see that HERE).  Talk about starting the week off right – HUGE thank you to New York Magazine for including me!  And to be included in an issue with a cover as epic as this one…such an honor!

NYMAG copyNY Mag Press