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DIY: Fall Windows

Last week I found myself in Central Park in total awe of the beautiful autumnal hues all around me. I mean, seriously NYC? Why are you so perfect!? Just look at these photos below.

While I was in the park, I decided I was going to need to display some of the beautiful fall colors in my apartment and collected some leaves that had fallen off the trees.  Once at home, I opted to display them on the windows in my apartment so that they’d be clearly visible and viewable from both the inside and outside of my apartment.

I’ve included my DIY tutorial for the festive fall windows below. Enjoy!

Materials needed:

  • Leaves – dried/pressed (for at least 5 days)
  • Contact paper
  • Scissors, Pen or Pencil

1. Allow your leaves to dry while simultaneously pressing them.  I find it easiest to put them in the middle of a large book and then pile additional books on top to make the leaves press quicker.  I recommend pressing them for five days, although others may say longer.  As long as your leaves aren’t too intricate or large, five days should do the trick!

2. Using a pen or pencil, trace around your leaf on the back of the contact paper.  Make sure to place the side of the leaf you prefer to display face down while tracing. Leave additional room around the leaf while tracing to allow enough adhesive to stick to the window.

3. Cut out your leaf pattern and place the contact paper (sticky side up) on your workspace. Apply the leaf (preferred display side down) onto the sticky contact paper . Press firmly to insure the leaf is secured to the contact paper.

4. Stick your contact paper leaves on the window, pressing firmly when applying to ensure they stick.  And voila!  A beautiful and festive touch of autumn to your home!

As you may have heard or experienced yourself, Hurricane Sandy hit us hard (very hard) last night. In our neighborhood, most of the leaves have now been taken from the trees and have filled the sidewalks, so I’m sure there will be many more leaf crafts coming to the blog shortly. Luckily, we are okay and aside from a couple of fallen trees, our street did not succumb to serious damage.  We are very thankful and so lucky to live here.  There is no other city in the world like New York, and I am confident everyone will be coming together to fix those areas that were damaged by the storm.