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Monday Motivation

[my inspiration and motivation for this monday]

Well guys, since I’m heading to ITALY in TWO DAYS (!!!), here’s the visual stimulation/inspiration/motivation getting me through my final hours at work. Holy cow, am I excited!  Counting down…

1: vintage suitcases and sites to see: although it’s not the most convenient traveling option, my boyfriend and i only travel with vintage suitcases. if we had modern suitcases (especially those with wheels) we would definitely be taking them, but we don’t, so vintage it is! we’ll be flying to rome and then heading to florence, through tuscany, and cinque terre. cannot wait to see places i never even imagined i would get to see and experience it all with my babe. oh, this is going to be so amazing.

2: cinque terre: pure magic. image

3: poster: Michahelles travel poster

4: italian doors: cannot wait to photograph the colors of everything in Italy: the towns, the people, the sky, the sea, and so much more.

(PS: While I’m in Italy, I’ve lined up some more festive Halloween DIY posts for the blog to post in my absence. Don’t worry, I won’t actually be blogging while I’m on vacation!)