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DIY: Pilgrim and Indian Dog Costumes

I’ll tell you what I’m thankful for: these two little guys, Riley and Dylan, my Pilgrim and Indian pugs.  I originally crafted this little get-up last year and then remade it (with a DIY for you!) this year.  These little costumes can be made in time for Thanksgiving by following the DIY tutorial below.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Materials needed:

  • (3 sheets) 8.5″ x 11″ white or off-white paper
  • Scrap piece of gold or brown paper
  • Mini Hat (*sidenote: Apparently humans wear these tiny hats?! Personally I think they look much better on dogs! They can be purchased at PartyCity)
  • Tape & Glue
  • Scissors: Decorative and Straight Edge
  • (2) Small Black Buttons
  • (2) Pipe Cleaners
  • (2 – 4) Feathers

1. For the hat trim, cut a 1″ wide strip of paper that will be long enough to wrap around the hat. The 11″  from 1 piece of paper was not long enough for my hat, so I cut an additional 5″ long strip and connected them with tape. Once you have a long enough piece, wrap the 1″ wide strip around the hat, positioned where the hat trim would typically be placed. Secure to the hat with a piece of tape, placed in the back of the hat.

2.  For the collar, first measure the circumference of your pup’s neck.  Fold your 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper in half, and mark out a half-circle for the neck. Once you have your half-circle cut, I’d recommend trying it on your pup to see if it fits.  Make sure it’s loose around the neck so your little guy isn’t uncomfortable at all. Once the fit is perfect, cut the sides of the paper diagonally, using scalloped or decorative scissors. I worked on a measuring grid, so that you can see the approximate dimensions for my collar.

3. Using your glue, secure two small black buttons to the collar’s center. Let dry for a few hours before putting the collar on your pup.

4. While your collar is drying, cut out a rectangular buckle shape from your piece of gold (or brown) scrap paper.  Slightly round the exterior edges of the outer rectangle for a proper buckle look.  Use your tape to apply a small piece on the back of the buckle, so that it stays affixed to the hat. Now, on to the headdress!

5. Take one of your pipe cleaners and twist around your feathers, one at a time.  Make sure to remove any sharp edges or tips on the feathers. Leave 1 – 2″ of pipe cleaner at the end (this will connect to your second pipe cleaner).

6. Twist the second pipe cleaner to the first and fit on your pups head.  Twist the two open ends together to close.  Again, do not tie this tight.  Make sure your pup is comfortable. If he/she isn’t, I wouldn’t recommend making this (or any costume).  If you can’t tell from the photos, lucky for me, my guys don’t mind this at all.

Put the collar and hat on your pilgrim pup and the headdress on your little indian pup AND you’re good to go!  These photos make me laugh every time I look at them, hope they do the same for you.  And hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

 NOTE: If you’ll visit the Pug Party link on my portfolio site, you’ll see the festive fun we have together all year round.  Our last costume, the pug piñata, can be found HERE.

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