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DIY: Heart Pinata

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This heart piñata can be used as a traditional party piñata with candy or it can also just be used as a pretty little decoration. Piñatas are relatively easy to make. For techniques and tips with the fringe, check out my Pug Piñata post.

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1. Cut 2 x identical-sized hearts out of cardboard, as well as 2 x 1.5″ wide strips of cardboard – each equidistant to the edge (perimeter) of half of one heart. (Note: In order to allow your strips to shape evenly around the heart, you’ll need to bend them first with your hands to break down the corrugation.) Starting at the top of your heart, use a strong tape to secure each strip to the base, taping along the edge of the heart. Once your strips are secure to your first heart, tape the second heart onto the strips, again taping along the edges. You’ll want to cut a little flap open towards the top of your heart, so you can fill the piñata with candy later.

2. Starting at the bottom of your heart, hot glue strips of your pre-cut mylar fringe to your heart. If you’re making a piñata out of tissue paper you can use tape or white glue to secure each piece of fringe, but with mylar, hot glue is going to guarantee the best hold.

3. For the very top of your heart, you can use the tip of your glue gun to melt the mylar to your cardboard, but please use caution when doing so!

[now repeat steps 2 & 3 with the other side] 

4. Once the entire piñata is covered in fringe, add anything extra you may want (e.g. a little tail fringe) and poke a hole in the center at the top of the piñata are run a loop of string through it. Now fill up your piñata with candy through the open flap and secure it closed. And finally, get to partying!  Or, if it’s just too pretty, hang up your shiny little heart as  decoration!

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