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DIY: Scalloped Backdrop

scalloped backdrop diy

Materials Needed:

  • Assortment of colored construction paper or cardstock
  • 2-1/4″ Circle Paper Punch (available online or at most craft stores)
  • Corrugated Poster Board
  • Glue Stick

scallop backdrop diy


1. Select your preferred paper colors and backdrop size. For mine, I used a pink, blue-grey and white.

2. For the circle punch, I got mine from Joanne’s Fabrics on sale for $11, which they also sell online. Once you have your punch and your paper colors ready, punch away!  For my backdrop that was 4′ x 3′ I needed about 60 circles of each color.  If you’re going to make yours much larger, I would suggest using a larger circle punch, so you don’t have to cut as many circles.

3. You can use whatever flat surface you prefer for the backdrop.  However, if you do use corrugated poster board, you take this project from requiring your full attention to detail to a total breeze.  How?  Because there are lines on the surface of corrugated poster board that act as your guide.  It’s beyond helpful!

You’re going to want to layout your first two lines of circles first just to make sure you have your pattern down.  I alternated my colors, but if using more than 3 colors, go ahead and randomize. Once your pattern is set, glue your first row of circles onto the bottom row.  Then moving up your board, go up half the diameter up your circle. On my board this was 5 lines up – feel free to make a little mark across your board at this line (so you don’t have to count each time you go to glue down a circle).  For the second row, glue the circles to your board, using that line as a guide for the top of your circles. Glue each circle in the middle of the two circles below to create the scalloped effect.

4. Keep adding circles, making sure that your rows stay level.

scalloped cake

The finished product is adorable!  I love this backdrop for a party table too, as I was able to test it out in the background of one of my cakes.

Or as a backdrop for cat portraits?!  Totally joking – but Minnow isn’t…just look at him pull out the blue steel!


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