Baked: Yoga Inspired Cake

I had such a great time making this past weekend’s cake order. The request was for a two-tiered Yoga inspired cake for a surprise birthday party.  The recipient was a yogi and male, so I wanted to make it very zen and clean, and not at all cheesy…definitely no yoga mats or yoga posed figurines were going to be on my cake!  However, I still wanted to include yoga references, hence the lotus flowers and om symbol.  I painted the om symbol directly onto the bottom tier with edible gold paint.  The buttercream was so smooth it may look like fondant, but it is indeed buttercream. The gold accessories, as well as the lotus flowers and lily pad were made out of fondant.

yogacake yogacake om symbolyogacake

  1. Vicki Pittman

    April 23, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    I love the lotus petal shaped pearl strands too… very original and personal, Lanie! Wow!!!!!

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