Insta Update

Recently I’ve been tagged on Instagram in some photos from people who have posted their own versions of my DIYs and it always makes my day!  Seriously…it’s such a cool thing to see and makes the work that I put into this blog feel totally worth it. So, keep it up!  And for those of you that don’t know/follow my feed (@alanajonesmann), you can check it out HERE.

If you enjoy this blog, like photos of cute (really cute!) animals and pretty NYC things, I’m sure you’ll enjoy my daily photo updates.  But just a warning, there are a lot of pug photos!


Sidenote: I had a DIY planned for today, but after Monday, I’ve felt completely unmotivated to photograph it. I’ll have it for you later this week, things are just moving a bit slower over here. This blog is my happy place and when things are just not right, I can’t muster up energy and creativity to photograph, post, or do much of anything for that matter.