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DIY: Cinco de Mayo Piñata Cupcakes


I was feeling a bit guilty about yesterday’s post, as I began to think about my incredibly festive fringed backdrop and how lonely it must be in the basement (where it went immediately following the pug piñata photoshoot).  I went down to see what shape it was in and luckily it hadn’t been mangled too much…so, up it came.  Using the colors of my fringed backdrop as inspiration, I replicated the layered fringe look (using fondant) atop a batch of cupcakes. And the result: very festive Cinco de Mayo Piñata Cupcakes!  Tutorial is below.  Enjoy!

pinatacupcake pinata cupcakes

Materials Needed: 

  • Fresh batch of Cupcakes (iced)
  • Fondant
  • Icing Colors (a variety of colors)
  • Tools: sharp straightedge and/or scissors, pizza cutter
  • Backdrop or your own source of color inspiration (Note: If you want to make this backdrop, check out the DIY HERE)

pinata cupcakes

Step #1: Choose your source of color inspiration and make sure you have all of the necessary icing color dyes.

Roll out your white fondant out and divide for your different colors (I had 6 different colors, so I rolled out 6 even balls of fondant)

Step #2: Dye your fondant balls to each desired color.

Step #3: Roll out thin strips of each color of fondant. Using a straightedge (or my favorite fondant tool — a pizza slicer!), trim the strip to achieve straight lines.

Step #4: Using a knife or lightweight kitchen scissors, cut your fringe into each strip of fondant.

Step #5: Layer your colors in your preferred order.  If your icing has already set, use a bit of water on the back of your fondant to adhere each piece to the cupcake.

Step #6: Fold additional fondant over the edge  of the cupcake; if necessary, trim excess fondant.

And voilà…i mean…¡OLE! Time to party!!