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Spring Things

Spring was in full effect last weekend with perfect weather both Saturday and Sunday.  It seems that a good spring day in New York is very rare; so, two beautiful days in a row was absolutely amazing.  On Saturday, I headed out on a little adventure with a friend to a nearby arboretum that housed the most magnificent greenhouses and some beautiful dogwood and cherry blossom trees.  We strolled around for hours, enjoyed lunch outside, and took some photos as well.  Just look at the beautiful nature we were able to experience.ny springny springny springpf11ny springny springny springny springny springnature1_WEBny spring

As for this weekend…well, it’s raining and the weather report says thunderstorms through the tonight.  Oh New York, you’re such a tease. California, sorry I took your perfect weather for granted for so many years. I miss you dearly around this time of year!