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For Thanksgiving we had a few friends over and cooked up all the classics – turkey, stuffing, potatoes, casserole, and so much more.  I also baked up some desserts, including an apple pie, a caramel apple spice trifle, and a chocolate cheesecake.  Since I knew my oven would be pretty full, I wanted desserts I could make ahead time, hence the  the trifle and cheesecake.  The apple pie was baked fresh Thanksgiving morning and we also threw in a Trader Joe’s pumpkin pie, which was all served alongside some delicious apple cider.  Needless to say everyone saved room for dessert and they were all nearly devoured.  I for one am still full and have had a hard time commencing my post-Thanksgiving diet with all of the leftovers conveniently sitting in our fridge.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  AJM thanksgiving desserts_640 AJM thanksgiving apple pie_640AJM cider station_640



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