Inspiration: Etc

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Call me crazy, but I’ve been feeling a little low now that the silly holiday that is Valentine’s Day is over.  Aside from the commercialism of the day, the day celebrates love and who can argue with that?!  Plus, having a legitimate excuse to decorate with adorable heart décor is always a good thing.  Valentine’s Day on a Friday absolutely ruled — it was an amazing weekend all around that included the most amazing meal EVER (all from the comfort of my own home and cooked entirely by the boyfriend), a House of Lies binge (we watched ALL of Season 2 in one sitting), a little bowling, a lot of comfy sweatpants-wearing relaxation, and a snowy outdoor adventure in Sayville.

Speaking of snow, it’s still snowing.  And while I LOVE the snow, the slush and ice have kept me inside a bit more than usual.  With the hibernation that’s ensued, I’ve spent a lot of time online and have brainstormed enough ideas to last an entire year, most of which have stemmed from the myriad of visual imagery I’ve encountered.  I’ve also found myself clicking on every sentimental or heart-warming link in my Facebook feed (such as THIS – the best Craigslist post ever).  Why I’m doing that to myself, I do not know.  But anyways, here are a few things I’ve found particularly inspiring over the past week.

Mixed media artist Thomas Albdorf. If you’re looking for some visual inspiration, here it is.

Antonia Basler creates amazing photographs. Her current work is based on objects found in dollar stores and it is freaking fantastic.

I was reminded of Luis Barragán’s use of color during a recent trip to my favorite NYC vintage store (snapped the above photo on my iPhone). Barragán’s architecture is amazing and taking a tour of his Mexico City home has been on my to-do list for a while.

Ian Davenport‘s Puddle Paintings – his Ingleby Wall Painting is my favorite.

Gabby O’Connor.  Her “What Lies Beneath” installation is so wonderful.