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Handsome Hollow Shoot – Part 2

Bride and Groom

There was one specific detail I was leaving out of yesterday’s recap of the Handsome Hollow shoot, as I wanted to dedicate a separate post to it today. If you’ve followed my blog, you’ve probably heard the name Love + Brain Films.  From making videos for me (like the Party Cake video or the Paper Sunflower DIY), to helping me get my foot in the wedding industry world, Courtney Arcese of Love+Brain Films has always had my back.  This girl is such a force and her talent and film style is unparalleled.  The way she documents a wedding puts the traditional wedding video to shame.  Her wedding films always manage to capture a couple’s big day in such a fun, loving, energetic way.  In 3 minutes she can get me to laugh, cry, and fall in love with a couple I don’t even know.  She’s just so dang talented!

When putting together this shoot I knew I had to have her there and didn’t even get the ball rolling until I was sure she could do it.  And of course, it is no surprise that she managed to blow me away again with her capture of the day.  I love everything about this video!  She captured the day just as it was – there was no denying it was a styled shoot, so it doubles as a fun behind-the-scenes look, as well as an intimate look at the real-life couple.  It shows how much hard work goes into a shoot – and also how much fun we all get to have at the end!

I also wanted to thank Brian Arcese (Courtney’s husband) for filling in as our “officiant” and to my handsome man for allowing me to persuade him to be a part of the shoot as well – and for keeping me stress-free through the day.  For the photos and the full list of vendors that were involved in the shoot visit: Part 1 of the Handsome Hollow Shoot.

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