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DIY: Silk and Paper Flower Crown


While on the topic of flower crowns, I thought I’d share a little look at a crown I made last week for the ever so lovely Erin Fetherston. For the job, I was asked to create something similar to the crowns her flower girls had worn at her wedding. What I loved about this crown is that it merged a silk crown with a paper flower crown – I’ve definitely made each of those prior (click through for my Silk Flower Crown DIY or Paper Flower Crown DIY), but I don’t believe I’ve made one using silk AND paper together. If you’re interested in making one, I’ve included my process below, as well as the materials you’ll need.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper-covered wire (available at most craft stores)
  • Wire cutters (or strong scissors)
  • Translucent paper
  • Scissors
  • Silk flowers
  • Hot glue gun + glue
  • Ribbon

Fetherston Crowm_Materials


First, fit a strand of paper-covered wire to the crown of your head; use wire cutters or strong scissors to cut the wire. You can either shape the wire into a circular loop to sit on your head, or if you want to use ribbon to close the crown (like I did), make the strand a few inches shorter than the circumference of your noggin. Using translucent gold paper, cut and score each leaf (exactly as I did with the leaves in my paper flower crown post – link above). For the silk flowers, pick the flowers off of the wire branch or stem they came on and detach the back stem piece (the green) of each silk flower. Next, secure each leaf and flower to the crown with a drop of hot glue. [Note: I’d usually use wire, but because the flowers and leaves were very delicate, I went with glue.] When gluing on each flower, I added hot glue to the backside of the flower, placed it onto the front-facing side of the crown, and then immediately added the green back of the flower onto the interior side of the wire to add extra reinforcement for the flower and keep it in place. Work quickly to make sure to secure the back pieces before the hot glue dries.

Silk Paper Crown_detail

Once you have worked your way around the crown, fill in any bare spots with leftover flowers or leaves. To finish off the crown, loop silk ribbon to each end. Using ribbon also makes the crown adjustable, which allows the crown to fit a variety of head sizes. This was necessary in my situation, as I’d be willing to bet money my noggin is much bigger than that of Erin’s mannequin (who will be wearing the crown).


While making the crown, I found myself reminiscing about the Cosabella X Erin Fetherston crafting night I had the pleasure of hosting last year where I got to teach my silk flower crown tutorial IRL. That night sure was one for the books! Head over to my recap HERE to see the photos.

ribbon backdrop