Winter Thoughts

The lack of sun in the winter months can quickly have me running up to join all the rest of the New Yorkers on to the complain train, but instead, I’ve been trying to be more appreciative of it. With a snowfall happening at least 2 or 3 times each week (it’s snowing as I type this), I decided I would go outside and embrace the winter, while the snow is falling. Because when it’s snowing, the city is quiet and peaceful, and when everything is being dusted with a fresh layer of snow – well, it doesn’t get more beautiful than that.

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Last week I headed out to the North Fork with a friend and for 3 days we did a whole lot of nothing (which was SO nice). My friends grandmother’s house is right on the Peconic Bay – the home is stunning and the views are absolutely amazing. The bay was completely frozen while we were there – we even witnessed two teens walking across it (that’s how cold it is, this hasn’t happened in years!). Over our 3-day stay we did a lot of lounging, some reading and baking, and spent a little time adventuring out in the snow – it was about 18 degrees during the days, so there wasn’t too much time spent outdoors. But, lucky for us, the house has floor-to-ceiling glass windows, so it was basically like we were outside…just warmer and cozier, with less layers on. The sunrise over the Peconic each morning beamed through the windows – it was breathtaking and I felt very in sync rising with the sun each morning.

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Despite my incessant desire to get back west and soak myself in color, this winter in New York hasn’t been so bad after all. Being able to walk around in tranquil moments of fresh falling snow and take trips to places like the North Fork, makes me appreciative of a true winter season. As a kid I never got to experience winter moments like this…I had never even experienced a snowfall until I moved to New York! While I would jump on the chance to head back home to California for a few weeks (or months!), I’m going to make sure to appreciative every last beautiful moment of this winter.