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DIY: Father’s Day Card

Fathers Day_DIY Card

After looking around at all the awesome Father’s Day cards out there in the stationery world, I thought I’d throw out a fun (and slightly cheesy) printable for a card for Dad. Not too sure where I got this idea (it probably started with that People I’ve Loved card), but here it is – a mirrored Father’s Day card. All you probably need that you don’t yet have is some reflective paper aka “duralar” (or mylar). And that stuff is very easy to find – craft stores, art supply stores, party stores, dollar stores – they all have it. Once you’ve picked up your shiny-surfaced material, the process is simple. Follow along below for the directions, as well as a link to the free printable.

Dad of the Year Card

Materials Needed:

  • The printable (download below!)
  • Printer
  • 8.5″ x 11″ paper
  • Reflective paper or mylar
  • Glue stick

Directions: Before you begin, download the PDF printable below. Load 8.5″ x 11″ paper into your printer and print the first page of the PDF. Once the first page has printed, flip it over and place it back in the printer. Once loaded, hit print on the second page. Fold the paper in half (lengthwise) – use a ruler to get a clean, straight edge. [Note: If you’re planning to use a fancy piece of cardstock for the card – you may want to print a test print first on regular computer paper to ensure you are properly loading the paper.]

Once you have your card printed, use either one of your test prints or tracing paper to trace along the inner oval (the empty spot intended for the mirror). Use that as a template and cut out an identically-sized oval from your reflective paper. Once it’s cut to size, use a glue stick to secure the mirrored paper to your card. Once you’ve added the mirror – you’re good to go! Just don’t forget to sign the card before handing it off to your pop!

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