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DIY: Retro Fringe Umbrella

I recently turned my boring white beach umbrella into a colorful vintage-inspired umbrella, complete with a bright pop of orange and retro fringe. Truth be told, I finished this umbrella over a month ago, but couldn’t quite find the right space to shoot it in New York. I carried it with me on the plane to California last week and was able to finally get some nice shots (and lots of use out of it!) during the two days we spent at the beach. Continue on below to find out how to make your own!

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Materials Needed:

  • White beach umbrella (check your local dollar store or for end of summer sales online)
  • Acrylic paint + fabric medium
  • Paint roller + tray
  • Painters tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Fringe trim
  • Sewing pins
  • Embroidery needle (or heavy-duty sewing needle)
  • White thread


Step #1: Pick out an acrylic paint of your choice – whichever color you go with, just make sure it’s bold! Mix the acrylic paint with a textile medium, following the specific measurement instructions noted on the bottle of your medium. Pour paint mixture into a tray.

Step #2: Alternating panels, tape off every other section of your umbrella with painters tape. Make sure to firmly adhere the tape along the edge of each panel to get clean, crisp paint lines. Using your paint roller, carefully paint each taped-off section of your umbrella. As you finish each section, immediately remove the painters tape. [Note: If any paint has spread to the adjacent panel, use Clorox wipes or nail polish remover to remove the paint.] Once you’ve painted your sections, let the umbrella dry before moving on.

Retro Umbrella DIY

Step #3: Once your paint is dry, measure the distance around the umbrella’s flaps that hang. Once you have the total distance, cut a piece of fringe trim to size (making sure to add 6″ – 1 foot, just to be safe). Thread your needle. Beginning in between 2 panels, begin to stitch the fringe along the flap’s seam, making sure to knot in place as you begin. I sewed by hand using a backstitch for my umbrella, but the stitch preference is up to you. To make the process easier, use sewing pins to pin the fringe in place along the umbrella’s seam.


Umbrella DIY

Step #4: Once you have sewn  your way around the entire umbrella, close your stitch, making sure to securely knot your thread. And now your umbrella is ready for the beach!

If you’re going to be in extreme heat, I’d suggest spraying a waterproof sealer atop each painted panel. The sealer will help the paint stay put in extreme heat, but for average temps – no worries, all you need is that one layer of paint! I just love this umbrella and look forward to using it a lot during these last couple of warm months.

Beach Umbrella