Hi, Hello, How Are You?


Hello again!  As you may have noticed, I took a week off from the blog. Blogging seemed like a task last week and I hated that feeling, especially since this is something I do (and have always done!) simply because I love to do it. With September weddings, design jobs, prop jobs, outside DIY projects, and everything else, putting together a new post for the blog was just not going to happen last week. Thankfully I’ve just wrapped up the two larger, more demanding jobs of the month and while I’m not at the end of the tunnel that is my September workload just yet, I can see the light and that means more just-for-fun projects will be happening soon. In fact, I just shot a delicious DIY for tomorrow, so make sure to come back for that.

In other news, I felt like sharing some random (very random) thoughts on my mind at the moment, so here that goes…

  • Last Monday I got to see my blogger gal pal, Ashley Rose of Sugar & Cloth.  I absolutely adore her and love that I can have internet friends who also make awesome real life friends, because IRL>URL. We shared many laughs as we food hopped our way around downtown. She was in town for an event so we had to part ways in the afternoon, even though I had the urge to keep her at my side all day.
  • I finally started using my Snapchat and I am OBSESSED! I used to love the personal level of Instagram and would post silly, fairly personal, and actually insta snaps, without worrying about how they looked or if the photos would get a lot of “Likes”. Not sure when it changed to be more of a professional look at what I’ve been working on, but I miss the personal aspect of it and feel like I have that back with Snapchat now. The posts I’ve made so far mostly involve me being weird, my pets, and Taylor Swift singalongs, with just a small look at things I’m working on – and even then it’s never a perfect or styled look. It’s actually real and totally and completely me. I have the same username on there as I do on Instagram (@alanajonesmann), so feel free to follow along if you’re interested.
  • I recently purchased THIS book and am blown away by all the knitting that can be done by just using your hands (no needles, people!). The author, Anne Weil (also the blogger behind Flax & Twine) is such a genius! It is a beautifully photographed, thoughtful book, with so many great project tutorials, including a faux sheepskin (pictured above), ottoman poufs, rugs, scarves, cabled blankets, and so much more. I highly recommend you spend the $11 and get yourself a copy.
  • Two weeks ago I didn’t want to even hear anyone drop the approaching F word, but now I feel I’ve come to terms with the quickly approaching Fall season and am actually really looking forward to all the magic it brings. Baking in a kitchen that isn’t miserably hot, leaves changing colors, cider, sweater weather, apples, apple pie…I’m now ready for you Fall, so come on over!
  • Speaking of Fall and baking, THIS baked oatmeal recipe on DesignLoveFest looks so dang good!
  • THIS is the coolest “kids” craft I’ve seen in a while!
  • THESE geometric paper animals from Wolfram Kampffmeyer – so good!
  • And while we’re on the topic of paper inspiration, I am loving THESE collaged paper cutouts by Morgana Wallace.
  • I was trying to name this post and instantly thought of THIS from Community. It has nothing to do with this post, but it does go along with the randomness of it and…NO WORRIES. Oh how that show made me laugh! I miss it. Speaking of missing television, I miss the Bravermans something fierce. Parenthood forever.

I’ll stop there before it gets even more random. Make sure to come on back tomorrow for that new DIY!

Lead Photo from Knitting Without Needles

  1. anne | flax & twine

    September 21, 2015 at 10:25 pm

    Oh! Thanks so much for sharing Alana! You are so sweet to do so. I’m glad you dig the book :). That makes me very happy! That sheepskin is one of my favorites!! xoxo

  2. Lucy Schaeffer

    September 22, 2015 at 1:23 pm

    Funny! I just clicked on your blog randomly following a fun wallpaper cake I saw on pinterest…and saw my own photo from Anne’s book! Glad you like the shot and the book, Anne’s the best. We had fun working together.

    1. alanajonesmann

      September 22, 2015 at 1:28 pm

      ha! that’s amazing. such a small world! your photos are absolutely beautiful! very well done!

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