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Lemon Blackberry Cocktail

LEMON BLACKBERRY COCKTAIL RECIPESummer may technically be coming to an end, but it is still hot as ever in New York…and pretty much all over the US, if my weather app is telling me the truth. I’m personally not ready to jump into Fall flavors yet, and since there’s still plenty of in-season fruit to enjoy I decided to whip up one more summery recipe. For this recipe, I created a blackberry and lemon vodka cocktail. For an emphasis on the berry flavor I used the Huckleberry Vodka from 44North and it was de-licious! But, regular vodka works great too. And for those of you who prefer your drinks sans alcohol, just use seltzer instead of the vodka for a refreshing fruit-filled drink. Continue on below for the full recipe!

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Blackberry Vodka Cocktail 18Blackberry Vodka Cocktail PrepYou Will Need:

  • Lemons + limes (sliced)
  • Blackberries
  • 8-10 mint leaves
  • Vodka (Blackberry or Huckleberry vodka if you’re feeling extra special)
  • Seltzer
  • Ice cubes

Directions: Strain the juice of 1 lemon into your glass. Add 4 blackberries, 1 lime slice, and a mint leave. Lightly muddle to release the juice from the fruit. Add your vodka, seltzer, and ice. [Note: I don’t like my drinks too strong, so I’m going to leave that ratio of seltzer and vodka up to you!] Stir to mix. Add a lemon garnish to the side of the glass and serve.

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