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Easy Costumes (For Your Dog)

With Halloween on Saturday, I’ve been brainstorming a way to top one of my previous dog costumes, but I just don’t think it’s possible given my timeframe. I’m fairly certain I’ll just end up reusing one of the old ones – luckily our piñata and turkey costumes are still in good shape. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll muster up enough time to craft up something new. If you’re like me and get more excited about dressing your dog up than you do yourself, I’ve included a roundup of my fave four legged costume ideas below, which include a few favorite past projects, as well as some other ideas I recently stumbled across on the web. And yes, the cutest ones I found all featured a curly tailed pug (sorry, not sorry!).

Halloween Dog Costumes 1. Bat from Small+Friendly // 2. Barking Bad // 3. Flower from Small+Friendly // 4. Log Lady from For Me, For You // 5. Costumes That Work For Thanksgiving Too (or THIS) // 6. Piñata