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Cupcake Feelings

If you noticed things have been a little quiet here this week, that’s because they have been. Despite the quiet on the blog, it was loud as ever in my kitchen this week as I fulfilled my largest cupcake order to date. Nearly 300 cupcakes, people! And not just plain old cupcakes, each one was topped with a delicious and very detailed topper, which included: a palm tree made from modeling chocolate, a cactus made from a cake ball covered in piped buttercream frosting, and a beach-y hibiscus flower made from a meringue-based icing mixture.


Since cupcakes can’t be baked days in advance, there was a lot of prep I had to do to get the toppers ready and then spent two days busting the order out. It was a few days with little sleep, a sore body, and very tired hands, but looking back on it, it wasn’t as tough as I thought it would be. However, since having the order picked up, I’ve found myself very tired with a lot to do, which has made me feel completely overwhelmed. I’m slowly getting it together and will have one very cool DIY tomorrow and then a whole bunch of DIY posts next week. So despite the quiet this week, make sure to come on back tomorrow! And then next week! And then always…always come back, okay?!

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