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Interview with Bourbon & Gloss

Let me tell you about my friend Deenie real quick. Deenie is an amazing author – she writes essays in her spare time and has even had work published in The New York friggin’ Times.  She works as a copy director at Vogue, so needless to say the girl has got great style too. Brains AND beauty, people! Deenie runs the blog Bourbon & Gloss, and just relaunched her site. For the new Bourbon & Gloss she wanted to put an emphasis on people and be able to do what she does best through her words: tell stories. The newly redesigned B&G has a section dedicated solely to interviews, and for some reason, Deenie asked me to be her first interviewee. Of course I said yes, and just a few days later Deenie came over to my apartment and I talked her ear off. She interviewed me about baking, blogging, creativity, inspiration, recipe secrets, my favorite American Girl Doll, and so much more. She’s a close friend, so there was no holding back whatsoever. You can read the interview HERE and make sure to bookmark the new Bourbon + Gloss for much more amazingness to come!