Moving Sale

Hi guys – Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I’ve spent the past two weeks sorting through the massive amount of stuff I’ve acquired during my 10 years in New York, as well as packing up everything we’re keeping, and returning our apartment back to it’s original state (painting it all back to white, patching the holes, removing wallpaper, and much more super fun laborious stuff). On top of that we had been trying to remotely find a place in LA, and after additional unneeded stress we decided that we will just do that once we are actually in LA. I’m hoping to have everything packed, all the walls painted/patched, and everything ready to go by next week so we can have one week to just really enjoy New York and not have to worry about any more moving details. Because for me, it’s been a job that never ends and I’ve found it impossible to focus on anything else since I work from home and am surrounded by the moving mess 24/7. Anywho, enough about that!

I wanted to let you know that we’ll be having a MOVING SALE this SATURDAY from 12 to 4 pm because there is A LOT of stuff we won’t be taking with us.  If you’re in Brooklyn / NYC, stop on by our stoop! Flyer with the address is below. Sale FlyerAnd PS – hang in there, I will be back to posting in a couple weeks!

  1. Aik

    January 26, 2016 at 11:29 am

    Hey Alana, I just have a question. What made you want to move to LA? What logistics aside from packing and all have you encountered? What’s it like to try to find a place remotely (I presume it’s hell but I would like to know how you decided on what’s right)? Good luck on the move!

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