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Wreath Cookies + Printable Gift Box Labels

I’ve been finding myself drawn towards a more traditional holiday style this year. I’d say my style last year was more tropical inspired and filled with kitsch, while this year I’ve preferred decorating (my house and my desserts) in a more classic-inspired style. I decided to bake a batch of wreath cookies the other day, which definitely ended up falling in line with that classic style I’ve been favoring this year. While decorating, I definitely got into a zone and before I knew it I had way more cookies than I had initially planned on making.


Luckily too many cookies presented a perfect opportunity – I decided that I’d hand the cookies out as gifts for the holidays. I headed to the craft store and picked up some cookie-sized treat boxes and then designed some vintage-inspired adhesive labels to adorn (and close) the boxes. If you look closely, you’ll notice that I piped the “Merry Christmas” greeting pictured on the label with buttercream frosting, and then photographed it and pulled the letters…which is a pretty sweet touch for a dessert gift, if you ask me! I’ve partnered with Avery to provide a free downloadable AND customizable printable for the labels, so that you can use them as well! Find out what you’ll need below.

Web Printing



Materials Needed:

  • Festive baked treats
  • Gift boxes (THESE work great!)
  • Avery Wraparound Labels (#08217)
  • Downloaded printable – use the pdf HERE or customize my design using THIS version on


Once your treats are ready, print your gift box labels! If you’re happy with the ones that I designed, you can download the PDF version HERE and print with the Avery #08217 labels. If you’d like to customize my design a bit more (change the colors, resize, etc.) OR if you want to make your own design, download the Avery version HERE! To open the .avery fileΒ  provided go to, open the saved file (select “Open a Saved Project from: Your Computer”), and the design will automatically open in Avery Design & Print Online. You’ll be able to customize and personalize the design to make it best for you.


Once your labels are printed, place your treats in their boxes and wrap the label around the top and sides of the box, wrapping under the box as well to seal closed and keep your treats fresh! It really couldn’t be any easier!cookie-wreath-gift-box-6_640cookie-wreath-gift-box-3_640


See what I mean about getting into a zone – just look at those piped pinecones! I couldn’t stop decorating cookies! If you’re interested in how to make the cookies – later this week, I’ll be sharing a video that will give you a better look at the decorating process on my Instagram!



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