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DIY: Chocolate Caramel Apples

I obviously have a serious sweet tooth and I love a good caramel apple.  They remind me of when I was a kid and my dad would take me and my brother  to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (in La Jolla, not the Rocky Mountains).  We were allowed to get one treat each – I would always pick a chocolate caramel apple.  Lucky for me, they are very easy, albeit a little messy, to make.  Here’s my simple DIY in 4 steps. Ingredients needed (for 4): 4 apples + popsicle sticks 1 (14 ounce)  ...

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Monday Motivation

[my inspiration and motivation for this monday] 1: This is going to be my “weekend daytime outfit” since it won’t be too convenient to party it up on a bike with a basket…a basket that will most likely have something that resembles E.T. in the basket. And maybe, just maybe, that something will be my pug in a bed sheet. 2: Lydia from “Beetlejuice”. Considering this is one of my all-time favorite movies, I’m surprised I have not yet dressed as Lydia.  ...

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DIY: Beetlejuice-inspired Halloween Cake Stand

For this project, I turned a vintage china plate and candle holder into a small cake stand.  Taking inspiration from one of the best movies (ever!), I love this new addition to my Halloween dining table and think I’ll actually keep it on display throughout the year. DIY tutorial is below! Materials needed: China Plate Candle holder or small crystal bowl (anything that is level at the top and can support a plate) Epoxy or MonsterGlue Spray paints: White + Clear Gloss Acrylic paint:  ...

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