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Alana Jones-Mann

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DIY: Spooky Drip Candles

I was perusing Halloween items on the interweb and saw some blood-dripping candles available for purchase – 2 for $10 to make things more interesting.  Uhm, what?  Hold the phone.  Why would you buy spooky blood-dripping candles when you can just make them in a matter of minutes…and for cheap?!  Those candles above I found at a thrift store – a pack of one dozen 12″ taper candles for $1.  Although I lucked out with that find, I checked the bargain store and good news  ...

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decor, diy projects, fall, halloween, holidays, party decor

DIY: Polka Dot Pumpkins

Polka Dot Pumpkins: I am a big fan of mini pumpkins – so cute and super easy to decorate. Since I’m also a fan of polka dots, I decided to make some polka dot pumpkins. Simple 4-step DIY below. Materials needed: Mini Pumpkins White circular stickers (or a hole punch and white label sheets) Spray paint (you pick the color!) Tape 1. Pick out your mini pumpkins and desired spray paint color. Use scotch tape to cover the pumpkin’s stem. 2. In a ventilated area, paint the  ...

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crafts, diy projects, fall, halloween, kids, party decor

DIY: Papier Mache Pumpkins

These papier mache pumpkins are great for the avid decorator or kids antsy to get going on the carving.  Since real pumpkins go bad within a couple weeks, here’s an alternative that can be done in early October that lasts forever (well, at least through the season).  Instead of cutting a jack-o-lantern face (like the above), these pumpkins can be left plain or painted to add festive decor to the home throughout the fall.  Below you’ll find my 4-step DIY and more pictures.  ...

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crafts, diy projects, fall, kids

DIY: Chalkboard Pumpkin Countdown

Materials needed: Pumpkin Chalkboard paint (the spray paint is easiest) Acrylic Paint + skinny paint brush Liquid Chalk Pen Scotch tape Optional: Customized  stencil Make sure to let your painted pumpkin dry overnight. While your waiting for it to dry, print a stencil from your computer (or by hand) of whatever you want the words to say around the countdown. For my pumpkin I decided on “Halloween is:” [#] “days away.”  Once your pumpkin is dry, trace the words onto  ...

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