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Buttercream Wreath Cake

Earlier this week I found an extra baked bundt cake in my freezer, so I played around with it a bit and ended at this a couple hours later. A better use of my time probably would’ve been tackling one of the many to-dos on my list for the week, but making a just-for-fun cake found it’s way to the top of the priorities. After I made this guy, I realized that it’s basically just a cake version of THESE cookies I made last year. Clearly, intricate details and holiday wreaths  ...

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Holiday Bunco Party (Printables Included!)

Last week I invited a group of my favorite lady friends over for a holiday party with cocktails and Bunco – a fun dice game I grew up playing  as a kid. While Bunco was a big deal in my San Diego suburb, apparently it’s appeal isn’t as mass as I thought it was because not one of the 11 friends I invited over had ever played. But, that made it more exciting – getting to introduce friends to the guaranteed good time that is BUNCO, plus holiday music, cocktails, and  ...

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PB&J Sandwich Cakes for A Beautiful Mess

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I recently became a contributor for everyone’s favorite blog, A Beautiful Mess. For my second post, I wanted to make something fun for back-to-school, so I decided to turn my favorite school time lunch – a PB&J sandwich – into a cake. Yup, you’re not looking at a sandwich here, it’s actually a CAKE! Crazy how realistic it looks, right?! Even the browned edge of the cake perfectly resembles a crust. Using angel food  ...

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Total Solar Eclipse

Even though I’m not in the “path of totality” (or anywhere near it) for the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, I am still very excited about it. Thinking about the eclipse – and space in general – has led to some much-needed personal reflection. I’ve found thinking about space and life and all things greater to be very meditative at a time when the beauty of the world is easily clouded with the negative awfulness that’s been happening recently.  ...

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