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Taco Cookie Update

If you follow me on Instagram, hopefully you saw that Taco Cookie video I just posted. It depicts THIS original tutorial…so if you’re just looking for the directions for the Sugar Cookie Tacos, follow that link. However, before you head to the directions, I wanted to provide a few updates, as I have received some questions about the tutorial over the past couple of years, in particular about the cookie shells. Here’s a few very important tips, that’ll help you  ...

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Rainbow Cake

I made a cake just like this one years ago and failed to get a decent photo of it, so I ended up re-making it again this year. I made it way back in January, then whacked the top tier off and used it as a “Valentine’s Day cake” for my Instagram (not sure if that’s being lazy OR resourceful!). The reason I made it well in advance of St. Patty’s day was because my neighbor’s yard had all these amazing clovers (weeds) pop up, and I just had to take advantage  ...

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Flower Cupcakes for Spring

It certainly feels like spring in LA, so I thought I would post a look at some flower cupcakes I recently made that also certainly feel like spring! My incredibly talented friend, Yasmine, was hosting one of her semi-annual flower popups at Individual Medley in Atwater over Valentine’s Day. Her birthday happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, so I obviously had to deliver some cupcakes to her at the popup. I was going to deliver plain cupcakes originally, but at the last minute  ...

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Cat Cake for Food Network

Remember THESE Dog Cupcakes I made for Well, the fine folks at Food Network asked me to make another fun pet-inspired treat, this time featuring the second favorite household pet – the CAT! (I just made up that statistic, but I’m pretty sure it’s true! ha). But anywho, I love cats too (especially my cat, Minnow), so I was VERY excited to create a cute cat face in cake form. And best of all, it also has a surprise-inside center featuring a cat’s  ...

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