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DIY: Mini Cookie Cakes

My boyfriend and I were talking about some DIY dessert ideas the other week when HE brought up the idea of some mini cookie cakes. How cute is that?! I was so into his genius idea that I instantly got to work on them – and I loved how they turned out. These mini cookie cakes are very easy to make, regardless of your skill level. Plus, if you’re an aspiring dessert decorator, piping on these tiny cookie slices is actually a really great way to practice your piping skills.  ...

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DIY: Otomi Mother’s Day Treats

With Mother’s Day approaching in less than two weeks, I’ve put together a DIY gift idea for all the pattern-loving mamas (and daughters!) out there. These Otomi cookies were obviously inspired by the Otomi Cake I made two years ago, which my mom was a big fan of. Naturally, I thought of reinventing them for her while I was thinking of mother’s day treat ideas. And look at these guys, what kind of mother wouldn’t be impressed! Now I’m no expert with royal icing, if you read  ...

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Taco Cookie Update

If you follow me on Instagram, hopefully you saw that Taco Cookie video I just posted. It depicts THIS original tutorial…so if you’re just looking for the directions for the Sugar Cookie Tacos, follow that link. However, before you head to the directions, I wanted to provide a few updates, as I have received some questions about the tutorial over the past couple of years, in particular about the cookie shells. Here’s a few very important tips, that’ll help you  ...

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Rainbow Cake

I made a cake just like this one years ago and failed to get a decent photo of it, so I ended up re-making it again this year. I made it way back in January, then whacked the top tier off and used it as a “Valentine’s Day cake” for my Instagram (not sure if that’s being lazy OR resourceful!). The reason I made it well in advance of St. Patty’s day was because my neighbor’s yard had all these amazing clovers (weeds) pop up, and I just had to take advantage  ...

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