Travels: Florence

On our third day in Italy, after an amazing two days in Rome, we hopped on the train and had a very relaxing (and quick!) ride up to Florence. We started the attempted walk to our apartment rental, but unfortunately our bags were getting heavy and our bodies were getting tired and we immediately found ourselves a little/lot turned around in the rain. We found a cab and as we drove through the city, all that fluster quickly diminished. It was stunning – the sky was clearing up, letting the most beautiful light shine down on the streets of Florence. We had rented an apartment to ourselves and were really looking forward to setting our bags down and starting the wandering.

Our first night in Florence we spent sunset at Ponte Vecchio, taking in the view from the less-crowded Ponte Santa Trinita. It was so magnificent, so energizing. Once the sun set we headed to a market to pick up food, cooked a delicious dinner in our apartment, and then spent hours that night sitting in Piazza della Republica.

The next day, I suggested we split up, so Chad (my boyfriend) could have some photo time and I could have some wandering/shopping time. See, he’s a film photographer, so it’s not just a quick pull out the camera, click, done. He captures the most beautiful photos, but each one can take around 10 minutes plus setup, and as for me, I was really excited to get out and wander. So while he photographed Florence, I did a little shopping and explored the Boboli gardens. I spent a few hours, but could have easily spent all day in that heavenly place. So peaceful, quiet, perfect. We met back up in the afternoon and enjoyed a delicious lunch at i’Mangiarino and then hiked it all off up the 441 steps to the top of the tower at the Duomo. We had dinner at Acqua al 2 and happened to get seated next to a couple from San Diego (my hometown!). Instantly, we were off to a good start. We joined the tables together, ordered a bottle of wine to share, and we all ordered the highly-acclaimed blueberry steak. Now this steak, it was out of control. Steak covered with a blueberry reduction sauce. Unbelievable, indescribable tastiness. Once we said our goodbyes to our new friends, Chad and I rode the carousel in Piazza della Republica and then played with the light-up toys they sell in the square. We were two giddy children running around Florence and it was an amazing end to our last full day in that beautiful city.

I’ll post my remaining photos from Tuscany and Cinque Terre over the next couple of days. To see my photos from Florence, click “Continue Reading” below.