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Gift Wrap: Day 3


Today’s theme is Glitz & Glitter, for those who prefer their wrapping shiny.  Enjoy!


TINSEL: Tinsel is tricky because it can look a little cheap if used in large quantities.  While I prefer to use tinsel for things like holiday letters, rather than traditional garlands, I also like using it for an added touch of glitz on gifts.  For the first gift, I took a piece of cardstock, rolled it into a cone shape, and cut off the excess paper at the bottom to achieve the perfect cone (Christmas tree!) shape. I then stuck my gift inside, and closed the bottom of the cone by taping a circular piece of paper to the bottom.  I then used a piece of silver tinsel garland to wrap around the cone (tree), using a drop of hot glue at each end to secure the tinsel.  For the second gift, I applied a line of white glue down the wrapped box, used my finger to smooth out the glue, and then cut the tinsel from a gold garland directly onto my gift.  After allowing an hour or two for dry time I blew off the excess tinsel into the trash. For the last gift, I took a clear glass ornament and stuck a 2″ piece of the gold garland into the center of it.  I wrapped my gift with 5 strands of thin gold tinsel, using the third strand to secure my ornament.  And voila, glitzy gifts!


BLACK + GOLD: I really love this chic set of gifts.  Using metallic paint, black tissue paper, and a feather I was able to achieve these 3 looks.  I first wrapped each gift in black tissue paper.  For the smallest box, I decided to cover it in gold dots, which I applied directly to the tissue paper with a small paintbrush.  The other box, I wanted to achieve more of a polka dot look, so using the same paintbrush, I applied my dots sparingly and consistently on the box.  For the third gift, I again used the metallic paint, applying a line of dots to the paper.  I dipped the tip of a white feather into the metallic paint, and after letting it dry, secured my feather to the box with a touch of glue at the top and bottom of the feather.

If you’re looking for a good metallic paint, I’d recommend Martha Stewart’s metallic craft paint.


GLITTER: Glitter is an easy addition to any gift, but can easily be overused, so use sparingly. For the small white gift box, I created diagonal lines with white glue and then applied gold glitter.  For the second gift, I first wrapped the box in silver metallic paper.  I actually used origami paper (it’s cheap!), but any color or type of paper would work for this one.  Now for the glitter dots (which won’t be the first time I use these), here’s a trick…it’s pretty difficult to achieve a perfect dot with glue, so for these, I used circular Avery labels and applied glitter to the sticky side.  I then used a drop of glue to secure the non-sticky side to my wrapped box. Perfect little circular dots! For the third gift, I applied a piece of gold metallic ribbon and then secured a glittery pine cone I had made the day before.  To glitter your pine cone, apply white glue all over the pine cone (don’t be shy!) and then cover in glitter.  Let dry, shake off excess, secure to your gift, and you’re good to go!


MYLAR:  For these, I used a spare piece of mylar curtain, a few thick strands of mylar, and mylar cake toppers.  For the small box, I wanted to keep it simple, using two pieces of mylar from my curtain to wrap around the box.  For the second gift, I cut two equal pieces of the curtain, layered them, and cut a triangular pattern at the bottom to create my own mini curtain.  To finish it off, I added some thicker gold and silver mylar along the top.  For the third gift, I wrapped one of the thicker pieces of gold mylar and one thin strand of the silver around the center of my gift.  Then, I simply added two mylar sparkler cake toppers, placing them diagonally under the center mylar, securing them by adding a piece of tape under the mylar strand.