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Oh Hello, Spring

Okay, so it is supposed to snow in a couple hours, but let’s not focus on that because SPRING IS (technically) HERE and I for one am going to celebrate it (indoors). While today’s weather in New York may seem like a cruel joke on this first day of spring, let us all acknowledge that we have (technically) survived another winter. Really great job, everyone! Since I’m choosing to celebrate inside, I decided the most appropriate way to get myself excited would be to go through some of last year’s spring memories I captured on my iPhone. Looking back has me real jazzed for all that this glorious season has to offer. Here are 5 things I’m looking forward to (in no particular order)…

1. Getting to jog outside, while stopping to admire anything beautiful and blooming I pass, such as this dogwood tree in Greenpoint

Greenpoint Tree

…or this adorable pink situation, which was also captured mid-run in Greenpoint. It’s important to note that getting to walk outside again is also a plus.


2. Taking many visits to the outstanding botanical gardens, arboretums, and greenhouses New York has to offer. And just enjoying the plant and flower inspiration that can be found EVERYWHERE.

GardensGreenhouseBotanical Garden1

3. Bringing back our fire escape garden, which will result in ample indoor shelf space for us (the below is just a glimpse of what we had to bring back inside in October). Look forward to more “gardening” (Brooklyn gardening) DIY posts like THIS one or THIS one!

Fire Escape Garden

4. Successfully persuading my boyfriend to hold up our pets amidst seasonal backdrops we pass so I can capture the ridiculousness/beauty.

Brooklyn Spring

5. And of course, another springtime trip home to California. Where even though people aren’t starved for it, the spring season does exist with flower fields and wildflowers aplenty!

flower fields 2012