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Winter to Spring

According to the calendar, it is currently Spring, but it sure hasn’t felt like it in New York. I’ve been so desperate for some warmer, sunny weather and for those bare trees to start blooming again…it’s that constant grey that is destroying my spirit. These weeks where it borders on the actual, physical turn of the seasons are always the toughest for me. In an attempt to retain my sanity, I’ve taken many trips to my favorite local greenhouses. In my opinion there is no better way to beat the winter blues than to sit inside a sun-drenched greenhouse. So for this weekly installment of inspiration, I wanted to post a few photos from my recent greenhouse visits, because for me, there is no greater source of inspiration than nature.

Fern KingCactus GreenhouseString of PearlsPalm SundayPalms Sunday READ MOREStaghornFernCamellias in PoolGreenhouse CornerPretty Plant LeavesHanging Burros TailCamellia Hole in the Greenhouse RoofCamelliasRed CamelliaCamellia House