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DIY: Wedding Favor Matchbox

Weddings can easily become over-budget, with every little detail you dreamed of coming with a pricey tag. While a “DIY Wedding” may seem like a nightmare for some (myself included), there’s a few simple things you can personalize and make way ahead of time (i.e. the wedding favors) to save you money and unneeded stress. These customizable matchbooks are an easy DIY wedding favor. All you need are Avery adhesive labels and individual matchboxes. Best of all, you can make 100 for under $30! And that, my friends, is a favor for your wedding budget! Continue on for the DIY.

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Step #1: First, purchase some matchboxes (or matchbooks). I was able to purchase a pack of 10 for $1.09 at my local dollar store. Next, you’ll need to purchase some Avery adhesive labels. Choose labels that will be large enough to cover the top of your box (or book) of matches. [Note: I used round labels (#22808), and then just trimmed them to size – see Step #4].

Step #2: Download the two JPEG files I’ve included below (“The Perfect Match” image AND the diagonal matches image), by clicking on each of the images to enlarge, and then right-clicking to save.

Step #3: Avery’s free design + print online tool allows you to easily customize any of their designs before printing on their products.  If you’d like to use the images I’ve provided, choose any of the templates for your specific label, clear out the current design, and upload each file into one of the labels (the option to upload your own image is in the “Images” section on the right side).  You can add text to the diagonal matches design to create a personalized monogram – just add the initials of you and your fiancé, the location of your wedding, and your wedding date using the text options in the Avery design tool. [Note: If you have Photoshop or Illustrator, you can also customize the image beforehand.]

Step #4: Once you’ve designed and printed your labels, position “The Perfect Match” label on the top of your matchbox and, if needed, trim any excess adhesive around the edges. Then, turn your box over and add the personalized match monogram label. Again, center and trim excess adhesive.

And there you have it – an adorable, personalized, handmade, pun-y and perfect wedding favor. Make a bunch of these and position them in some wooden boxes at the bar, or on a table near the exit of your reception venue. Believe me, you’ll be happy you saved money and could check off that “wedding favors” item on your to-do list way ahead of time.

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