Cactus Cupcakes: The Workshop

Cactus Cupcakes Workshop

Attn: LA + NYC – I’m currently putting together a few in-person workshops for my Cacti Cupcakes. After having the DIY generate half-a-million views, I decided it was time to rethink the cupcakes. After making them so many times I realized there were some major areas for improvement. There are some essential steps / processes that I’ve improved from the initial DIY, making these edible cacti and succulents much easier to assemble. And yielding a much better taste too (buhbye, fondant!).  I was going to simply just update the online post, but then had a moment of genius and thought – instead of offering the updated DIY online, how about I offer it in-person instead!  Because, in a world where communication is primarily done through the internetz, I’m all about making a move towards more face-to-face human conversation. Also, being able to get together with some rad ladies (and dudes too?), laugh, share stories, and actually get to know each other IRL…all while playing around with buttercream and making some sweet edible art…well to me, that sounds pretty darn fantastic. I’ll be announcing the deets and dates for these workshops next month. Can’t wait to meet y’all!

  1. word696969

    June 2, 2015 at 6:00 pm

    Too clever to eat! Dare I wonder how it tastes?

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