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DIY: Balloon Cake Topper

 Balloon TopperPainted Balloons

Materials Needed:

  • Mini balloons
  • Thin gauge floral or copper wire
  • (2) x wire hangers
  • Wire cutter or strong scissors
  • Piece of foam
  • Spray paint (at least 1 color, I used 3 different colors
  • Gloss spray paint




Step #1: Inflate 8-10 mini balloons with air and set aside. I found it best to inflate an assortment of sizes to add some variation to the topper.

Step #2: Using wire cutters (or a strong pair of scissors), cut the straight, bottom portion of each hanger off. Cut each piece into two pieces – one an inch or two longer than the other. Place one of the longer pieces and one of the shorter pieces aside for now. Next, cut a 8 to 10-inch piece of wire from your thin gauge wire. Tie one end around the top of the hanger wire ends. Knot your mini balloons around your thin gauge wire, leaving a bit of space in between each balloon. Once you’ve added your balloons on, loosely tie the other end of thin gauge wire around the top of the second hanger wire.

Step #3: Next, insert each end of the hanger wires into a piece of foam, so that the wires stand straight. Then, working over in a well-ventilated space (outside!), add light coats of spray paint to the balloons. Use a variety of colors to achieve a more colorful, multidimensional look. While painting the balloons, lift one end up the wire up, to allow for coverage across the majority of each balloon’s surface with spray paint.

Step #4: Once the spray paint has dried, apply two coats of a clear gloss spray paint over the balloons, allowing dry time in between each coat. The gloss layers will prevent any of the uneven layers of spray paint from falling off and will keep the paint intact on the balloons.

Step #5: Once your gloss coats have dried, unwrap the thin gauge wire from the hanger wires. Discard these two paint-dusted hanger wire pieces. Grab the two clean hanger wire pieces you initially set aside (sans spray paint) and rewrap the thin gauge wire around each of these ends, just as you did in Step #2. To be extra cautious, allow the balloon topper to set aside for a few hours to prevent any fumes from coming in contact with the cake.

Step #6: Once your cake is frosted and your balloons have set, insert each of the hanger wire ends into your cake. And there you have it – a balloon cake topper!

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  1. Jené

    July 13, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    These are so quirky and fun!

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  5. Ashlyn

    August 9, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    WOW! I have never seen anyhting like this…I LOVE it!

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