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Friday Love: Helen Dealtry Class

Helen Dealtry Watercolors

Last weekend I got to take an incredible class from the master of watercolor painting and textile design herself, Helen Dealtry. If you don’t recognize her name, you more than likely have seen some of her stunning floral designs on Pinterest, or you may happen to have the amazing agenda she designed for on your desk right now (as I do!). Helen teaches floral painting classes out of her Brooklyn studio a few times a year, and I was lucky enough to get to take one of her classes this past Sunday. Prior to the class I had never used watercolors on paper (cake’s a different story!), and I have never had any watercolor or painting education, so I was a bit nervous that I’d be the worst student (ha!). However, despite the fact that the class was mixed with newcomers and experienced painters, it felt as if the entire group was on the same page throughout the class.

Dealtry Studio FlowersWatercolor Painting

In just one fun-filled afternoon (complete with mimosas and delicious snacks!) I learned so much – way more than I ever thought I’d be able to take in during one afternoon. You can expect to see some of my new skills come through in cake designs, as I found myself filled with so much inspiration for cake decorating techniques during the class. But for now here’s a look at the prettiness that ensued during the class. If you live in New York or are planning a visit and have an interest in watercolor OR if you’re just looking for a creative release, I’d highly recommend you take one of Helen’s classes (find out more HERE). Thanks for sharing your talent and techniques with me, Helen!

Helen Dealtry Class

In other news, while most of you will probably be enjoying a candy and party-filled Halloween weekend, I’m off for a weekend in the woods with my babe. My bushcraft boyfriend has shown me a whole new meaning of camping over the years. I don’t even think I can call it camping – it’s more like wilderness survival. Totally off the grid / survival off the land type of thing; a very different style of DIY. So, it should be interesting! Ha. Will make sure to fill y’all in on how it goes once I’m back…if I make it back. Just kidding…I think.