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A Weekend For All Seasons

Catskills Rental

A couple of weeks ago my mom headed out to New York for a visit and since she’s spent all of her adult life in San Diego without experiencing true seasons, Chad and I wanted to treat her to a fall weekend upstate. With the peak foliage hitting just around that time we knew it would be a pretty and festive escape featuring colors you just don’t get to see living in southern California. We rented a house on a river (yes, the one pictured above) and drove up on Friday after work. The weekend started off great – despite arriving a bit later than we expected due to some epic traffic, I had grocery shopped like a pro the day before and had everything we needed to cook a delicious, quick dinner. On Saturday the chill that had come through for the weekend got even chillier. BTW – Keep in mind the cold weather was a bit intense, because it had literally been in the high 60’s that week in NYC when my mom arrived. She was loving the chill, but my body was a little slow to acclimate. But the cold weather was perfect for what we had planned, which was nothing, absolutely nothing! We turned on the Sam Cooke pandora channel, cooked all of our meals at the rental home (again, I just want to note that I am an excellent grocery shopper for a weekend away), sipped on cider, baked an apple pie, and took a few short, very brisk walks outside to embrace the beauty of it all. A perfect Fall day.

Catskills BarnCatskills FallFall SceneDylan in the Leaves 2

The one thing I could have brought was more apples…or a smaller pie pan. There were 8 or 9 apples used for this dish (all provided from a friend of my mom’s home in PA), and it was not at all filled. But oh well, it still tasted freaking DELICIOUS. There was something extra special about those apples! I was so proud of it, I even made Chad take a picture of me with it before it went in the oven. Ha.

Apple Pie Prep Apple Pie

Okay, so that was Saturday. Then Sunday hits and I wake up to Chad saying “look outside!” and I know what that means. I squealed and jumped out of bed. I couldn’t believe it – we had snow!! I immediately ran to the room my mom was staying in and repeated the “look outside!” greeting. She screamed and jumped out of bed, just as I had done. It seriously felt like Christmas morning…but not a Christmas we’re used to! I followed that feeling, switched the Sam Cooke station to the Bing Crosby Holiday station, then threw on everything I brought and went outside to play in the snow. For a weekend that we had hoped would highlight one unfamiliar season, we actually got two! It was so magical, the “best weekend ever” according to my mom. Here are a few more photos that capture the multi-seasonal situation pretty well.

Bridge ClosedFall Trees in SnowDylan in the SnowSnowy Cabin Snowy Bridge

Lastly, I just wanted to say that while personal posts are rare on here, I love sharing them when I do. Thank you all for reading!



  1. jessica maria

    November 2, 2015 at 10:00 am

    Aw, I love this! Since I moved to Los Angeles, I am living the seasons vicariously 🙂 Sounds like the perfect weekend!

  2. Leslie

    November 5, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    How fun! And the photos are gorgeous!

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