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Customizable Mid-Century Dessert Cards

A wedding cake is always a process. There’s making it (which takes MANY hours), prepping it for travel, and then the delivery and setup – the most stressful part! When all is said and done, there’s one detail that can easily be forgotten – place cards for the dessert table to label all the delicious desserts! Labeling the desserts on display helps entice the wedding guests and helps make sure they save room for dessert! I’ve designed a set of fun table cards for you to use on your next dessert table – whether it’s for your wedding or any other special event! Perhaps because I’ve been working on a lot of Palm Springs weddings recently, or possibly because the style is my personal favorite, I went with mid-century inspired designs for the cards.

Mid Century Cake and Printable Download

I’ve partnered with Avery to provide you with these downloadable and customizable cards using their beautiful Textured Place Cards. Obviously, these cards don’t just have to be used for desserts, they can also be used for seating assignments, food displays, or any other signage that you plan to have onsite at the wedding. They can be downloaded as is, but the best part is that they truly are completely customizable. Using‘s design site, you can customize the text, play around with a bunch of different fonts, change the color/opacity of the images, reconfigure the layout, or completely swap out the design. Their design tool is very impressive, and I’d highly suggest you go that route! Either way, follow along below for the very simple step-by-step.     

Mid Century Printable Place Cards   

Materials Needed:

  • Avery Textured White Place Cards #80504 (available HERE) or a nice cardstock
  • Downloaded printable – use the PDF (without text HERE / with text HERE) or customize my design using THIS version on
  • Optional: Desserts to display!

As I mentioned, I’d suggest you download the Avery file and play around with the design. To open the .avery file provided go to, open the saved file (select “Open a Saved Project from: Your Computer”), and the design will automatically open in their design tool. There you can also customize the text, so if these won’t be for the specific cakes I used in my example…or for any desserts at all, you can easily make the necessary changes. Perhaps even play around with the colors or the background images, there is a lot of customization possible with these!

Mid Century Inspired Dessert CardsMid Century Inspired Dessert Cards

If you want to just add your own specialty font (perhaps one that matches the other signage you’ve been using for your event), you can download the PDF without text and open it in Photoshop (or another design program) to add in the text.

Mid Century Inspired Dessert Cards

Or if by some strange coincidence these specific dessert labels are exactly what you needed, go ahead and print the PDF with text.

Mid Century Printable

When printing, it’s best to use the Avery place cards – their textured white place cards are my favorite! The cards are already perforated and have pre-creased fold indents, so they easily pop right out and fold in half for table display. You can also use a nice card stock and fold the cards yourself, if you are in a crunch and don’t have the labels handy.

These cards would look great next to any dessert – but to show you, I thought I might as well match the cake to the card to let it really shine!

Mid Century Cake