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A Beautiful Mess Ice Cream Sundae Cake

I’m VERY excited to announce that I’m going to be contributing for one of my favorite blogs of all-time, I have been such a fan of Elsie and Emma’s work for a verrrry long time. Before I had this blog, I actually used to run an Etsy store and I advertised for the Etsy store on ABeautifulMess WAY back when (probably 2011-ish). I’ve always just loved their aesthetic! Needless to say, to now be able to contribute posts for them is a total dream! Today you can find my first post on their site – it’s for these sweet Ice Cream Sundae Cakes. I decided that I wanted to give the whole cake in a cone thing another shot…remember how baking a cake in an ice cream cone was so popular circa 2015 on Pinterest, but then quickly became one of the most popular Pinterest fails!? It truly was/is nearly impossible! This time around, there is definitely no baking of cake in a cone, so no need to worry! Head on over to the post HERE. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!!

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