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DIY: mini Bunny Cupcakes

diy bunny cupcakesI opened a box of Good & Plenty® candies the other day and thought to myself “heyyyy now, these would make cute little bunny ears!”  So, after playing around with a few different prototypes, I created the cutest little bunny treat and then found myself making more…I mean, he looked so lonely and definitely needed some friends with him on the cake plate!  They’re just so adorable, I couldn’t pass up posting this as a DIY!  Tutorial is below.

bunny cupcakesdiy materialsdiy bunny cupcakes

Step #1: If you are working with an unfrosted cupcake, go ahead and begin to frost. I recommend using Icing Tip #70.

Step #2: Frost the entire cupcake. Your frosting doesn’t have to be perfect (so you don’t have to be too detailed with this step), but if you would like a little more direction, see my Icing Highlights post.

Step #3: Once you’ve frosted the entire cupcake, you’re going to want to add an additional layer of frosting to the bottom half of your cupcake.  This added layer is for the bunny’s mouth.

Step #4: Now all you need for the decor is: 1 toothpick, 3 Good & Plenty® candies (2 white, 1 pink), 1 marshmallow, and some pink royal icing.  Use the toothpick to apply some pink icing to the white Good & Plenty® candies. Then cut off a piece of the pink Good & Plenty® for the nose. Using a rolling-pin, flatten out your marshmallow and cut out the teeth.

Step #5: Apply the nose to the center of the cupcake.  Then, use your toothpick to make a linear shape for the mouth and two crescent shapes for the eyes.  Repeat the pattern for the eyes a few times, so that the chocolate cupcake peeks through.  Position the marshmallow teeth on the bunny.  And once you’ve used the toothpick for your eyes and mouth, break it in half.

Step #6: Stick the end of the toothpick halves into each of the “ears” and then stick them into the cupcake.  And voilà – a cute little bunny cupcake!