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DIY: Father’s Day Tie Cupcakes


I was wracking my brain trying to think of some innovative Father’s Day cupcakes, but there was only so much that I could think of that would apply to the average Father. And unfortunately, they’ve all been done.  So, for this DIY I put a spin on the popular tie cupcake, using one of my favorite candies…Airheads!  The candy provides an easy and colorful customization option for the ties…and tastes much better than fondant!  Tutorial is below. Enjoy!

fathers day cupcakes

Materials Needed:

  • Frosted Cupcakes
  • Airheads® variety pack
  • Scissors or Knife


Before you start, make sure to pick out a good color for your frosting.  I recommend using a darker color of icing.  I had initially iced my cupcakes with a blue frosting, but later changed it to brown, as the blue looked a bit too baby shower-esque.  Once you’ve frosted your cupcakes, set them aside in the fridge to set.

Step #1: Aside from your frosted cupcakes, all you need for these is a variety pack of Airheads® (or an assortment of individual ones).  For my cupcakes, I used the white, blue, red, and orange colors.

fathers day cupcakes

Step #2: For the collar, cut a rectangular strip out of the white Airheads® and fold the ends into the center.  Using one of your colored Airheads®, cut out a tie shape and place the top of the tie at the center of your collar. Next, fold the corners of the collar over the top of the tie.

Step #3: Use the other colors, create patterns or shapes on the tie.  Once you’re happy with the design of the tie, place atop your cupcake.  fathers day cupcakes

Step #4: Repeat steps 2 +3 for your remaining cupcakes.  And that’s it.  Now, how easy was that?!  Super easy and perfect for Father’s Day!fathers day cupcakesfathersday