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Candy Corn Treats

I love candy, but there’s something about candy corn that just doesn’t do it for me.  I don’t know where the aversion came from…I possibly (probably) ate too much of them one Halloween as a kid.  Last year I did find some caramel apple flavored candy corn that were delicious though!  But anywhoooo, getting back on track – if you too aren’t a fan of candy corn or if you are just looking for some fun candy corn-inspired treats for your Halloween party, below you’ll find a couple of ideas that can easily be accomplished in time for Halloween.

Here’s a candy corn cake I made a couple of years ago (and posted about it last year).  While there’s no DIY for the cake, if you’re interested in making it, just put on your thinking cap and check out the American Flag cake tutorial techniques for the interior.  For the candy corn colored cake inside, I used orange, yellow, and white cake and then mashed and mixed each color with a half cup of buttercream frosting before putting it inside the cake (you want the cake to be the same consistency you get with cake pops).  Feel free to email me with any specific questions if you’re stuck!


And how cool are these candy corn sugar cookies?!  You will find a DIY I put together for these over at the Fossil blog, so go check it out!


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