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DIY: Silk Flower Crown

As I mentioned earlier this week, I curated the launch party for the Erin Fetherston and Cosabella collection, which included a DIY flower crown bar. Instead of creating a normal photo-based tutorial for the event, I decided to illustrate the directions to make things just a bit cuter. Below you’ll find the illustration and if you’re planning your own flower crown party (which you totally should!), there’s a link to download a higher-res printable version at the bottom of the post.

DIY Crown Layout_Illustrated

Materials Needed:

  • Paper wire (essentially just wire wrapped in a rafia-like paper)
  • Thin gauge floral wire
  • Assortment of silk flowers
  • Pliers or Scissors


Step #1: Shape the paper wire around your head to form the crown. Twist the end to close.

Step #2: Wrap thin floral wire around the flowers to prep them for your crown.  For large flowers, string floral wire through the center or underneath the base (the plastic green part, usually connected to the leaves of the flower).

Step #3: Secure flowers to the crown by tightly wrapping the floral wire around the crown.

Step #4: Once happy with the placement of the flowers, position onto head and wear.

flower crown printable