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Craft On: Decoupage Letters for Mom

Looking for a last minute Mother’s Day idea for your Mom?  These decopauged wall letters can easily be made using materials from around your home.  The letters are upright so they can be placed on a dresser, a wall shelf, countertop…just about anywhere around your Mom’s home.  And they are completely customizable — so whether it’s family photos (copies of the originals, please!), magazines, books, travel mementos — you can use anything that is lightweight enough to be held down with mod podge.

MOM lettersIn addition to the DIY steps below, I’ve also made a video of the Mother’s Day project for my Craft On series for ulive.  Just click the play to watch the video!


Materials Needed:

  • Cut outs from books, magazines, photos, etc. (whatever reminds you of your Momma!)
  • Cardboard letters: M, O, M (*Note: I bought my cardboard letters from Paper Source – but they can even be made from an empty cereal box!)
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors


momogram DIY
Step #1: Cut out inspirational images that remind you of your Mom from magazines, books, photos, etc. If using family photos, make sure to use the doubles or make copies beforehand.

Step #2: Position the images to get a rough idea of the placement before beginning to glue them down.

Step #3: Once happy with the arrangement, apply decoupage glue (i.e. Mod Podge) to the back of each image and apply it onto your letter.

Step #4: Once all images are in place, apply a layer of the decoupage glue to seal all of the images onto the letter.

And there you have it – a MOM-ogram (kind of!).  These letters can of course be used for any occasion…even holidays.  So even if you have a gift already picked out, make sure to take note!

And don’t forget to make Sunday special for your mom!