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Pug Love

Well, it sure feels good to be back in action today!  Just wanted to check in after last week’s absence.  To update you all, last week our amazing 7-year-old pug, Dylan, got diagnosed with some not-so-great news.  If you’ve visited this blog before, you know that my dogs are the center of my world (I’m a total pug weirdo – more proof HERE).  And with the news, and with dealing and monitoring Dylan, I totally froze and ended up putting all of my work on hold.  I’ll spare you from the details (it was a pretty scary week), but yesterday’s MRI gave us some really great results – putting a lot of last week’s stress and worry behind us.  Today, I’m filled with so much optimism and gratitude…and also that huge load of work I put on hold.  I’m focusing on playing catchup today, but will be back to the posting in no time!

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