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Craft On: Stars and Stripes Cake Plate

Cake Plate Video DIYJust in time for the weekend, I have not one, but TWO new episodes in myCraft On video series to share with you today.  So if you were planning to get your craft on and do a little prep for the July 4th holiday over the weekend, you are in luck!  The first video is for this Stars & Stripes Cake Plate, which you can watch by clicking the play button above.

By following the process shown in the video, you can paint any pattern of your choice.  I ended up making a few patriotic plates to have out on my party table for the Fourth.  You can find the materials needed, directions, as well as a little inside peek below.  Stay tuned for the second video later today!

Patriotic Cake PlatesMaterials Needed:

  • Ceramic Plate + Bowl
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Acrylic Paint: Red, White Blue, Gold
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Foam Brush, Paint Brush
  • Epoxy


Step #1: Prep surface of your plate and bowl by cleaning with alcohol.

Step #2: Turn the bowl upside down and apply tape in a crisscross pattern around the bowl.

Step #3: Use red paint and your foam brush to lightly daub paint onto the untapped surface. When finished, peel off tape. Set bowl aside.

Step #4: Use painter’s tape to tape-off a ring around your plate. Lightly daub blue paint onto the upper ring and the outer plate edge. Remove tape once finished. 

Step#5: Let the plate dry for 1 hour, then add stars using a handmade star stencil and some white paint.

Step #6 [Not Pictured]: To cure the ceramics, place both the plate and bowl in a cold oven. Set oven to 350 degrees and bake for 30 minutes. Once time is up, turn off oven and let the plate and bowl completely cool inside the oven before removing.

Step #7: Using epoxy, apply a ring of glue around the bottom side of the bowl and adhere plate to the center to create your stand.

Step #8: Set aside for 24 hours to dry.

Stars and Stripes Cake Plate DIYThis photo below may be my favorite screen grab from the video.  How cute is Riley in this shot!?  At this point in the series you can tell the awesome crew who filmed the videos had really started to take a liking to the pugs, as they had begun to request them in shots that sometimes had absolutely nothing to do with dogs (such as this one).  It was hilarious – and of course, I was always supportive of their pug-loving requests.  As the series continues, you’ll see more cameos from these two little funny-faced pugs.  You notice anything else in this photo?  Hint: Look out that window.  Yup, that’s snow.  We actually filmed the majority of these videos in January. It was a bit weird filming summer crafts in the middle of winter, but at least now I’m already prepared for my summer and fall entertaining, and that sure feels awesome.

Craft On Outtake