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DIY: Father’s Day Tee

dad photo How awesome is this early 80’s photo of my Dad?  Just backing up an awesome yellow car with my mom and our cherished golden retriever Zeuss in tow.  I have always loved this photo – for me, it’s a little glimpse into their life before I existed.  When Fossil asked me to make a DIY for Father’s Day, I thought about how many crafts are out there for items to make for the Dad’s, but realized there weren’t many DIYs for things you could make to wear to honor your dad.  So, by just using an Avery® Fabric transfer, I put this favorite photo of mine on a tee.  Head on over to the Fossil Blog to see what you’ll need to turn a photo of your dad into your new favorite tee!

Fathers Day Tee DIY

If you’re planning on being with your Dad on Sunday, how great would it be for you and your family to surprise him and all wear a personalized photo tee while you visit on Father’s Day?! And if you’re like me and unfortunately won’t be able to be with your Dad, you can still wear it around town in his honor, as I plan on doing!

Fathers Day Tee