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DIY: Paper Leaf Garland

Here’s a DIY for that pretty paper leaf garland I used on the neutral fall table I posted on Friday.  If any steps seem a little confusing, watch the video tutorial by clicking the play button at the bottom of the post…and even if you’re not confused, check it out anyway to see a different way to style the garland. Happy crafting!

Autumn GarlandLeaf Garland on TablePaper Leaf Garland 2

Materials Needed:

  • 2 yards of Ribbon
  • 1 roll of Kraft Paper (or recycled paper shopping bags)
  • Stapler and Scissors
  • Floral Wire
  • Optional: Pinecones

Paper Leaf Garland DIY


Step #1: Cut long strips of construction paper about 4” in width.

Step #2: Fold each strip of paper in half and cut out half-circular shapes of various sizes (Note: when unfolded these will be leaves, or call them half-moon…whichever you think is better).

Step #3: For each cutout, score along the crease.  Add diagonal creases for a more realistic leaf look.

Step #4: Cut ribbon to desired length (1-2 yards recommended).

Step #5: Starting at one end of your ribbon, staple 2 leaves at a time (positioned diagonally) to your ribbon.   When you get to the opposite end, position the leaves facing the opposite direction, and starting at the end of the ribbon, to allow the garland to hang naturally.

Step #6: Center your garland along your desired display location. If hanging to a wall, use leftover ribbon and a pushpin to secure the garland.

Note: For an added touch, use floral wire to hang pinecones at each corner.

Paper Leaf Garland_Play Video