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Monday Motivation

Motels, drive-in movies, beaches, and more – here’s what summer looks like to me.

Stephen_Shorestephen shoreWest BusBernhard LangBeachPlasticSelby Plastic Art 2

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1. + 2. Recently I went through a couple of books by photographer Stephen Shore and I was totally taken away. The 1970’s colors and the classic American scenes he captures are exactly how I dream of summer.

3. This image is from artist Dean West and LEGO genius Nathan Sawaya’s collaborative series “In Pieces”.  You can read more about their collaboration HERE.

4. German photographer Bernhard Lang has been taking aerial photography since 2010. His expansive beach shots of Italian resorts are incredible. How do they line up all those umbrellas so straight?!

5. While this beach-found plastic certainly isn’t inspiring, what Richard and Judith Selby Lang do with the plastic they find along the shore is. Since 1999 the couple has been cleaning up the shoreline of the Pacific Coast along Northern California. They collect all of the washed-up plastic, clean it, and turn it into color-coordinated collages and sculptural art. As Judith notes in their video, there’s 46,000 pieces of visible plastic in every square mile in every ocean on the planet. Terrifying, indeed. Visit their site HERE and watch the very interesting video HERE. While you’re at it, also check out Alejandro Durán’s “Washed Up” series HERE.