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DIY: Mini Cookie Cakes

My boyfriend and I were talking about some DIY dessert ideas the other week when HE brought up the idea of some mini cookie cakes. How cute is that?! I was so into his genius idea that I instantly got to work on them – and I loved how they turned out. These mini cookie cakes are very easy to make, regardless of your skill level. Plus, if you’re an aspiring dessert decorator, piping on these tiny cookie slices is actually a really great way to practice your piping skills. Continue on for step-by-step photo instructions.

Materials Needed:

  • Sugar cookie dough
  • Baking sheets
  • 6-inch round cookie cutter (OR just use a 6-inch cake pan as a guide!)
  • Pizza cutter (or sharp knife)
  • Zester
  • Piping bag with decorating tip
  • Buttercream frosting
  • Sprinkles


Step #1: Roll out cookie dough and use a 6-inch round cookie cutter (or anything that is 6″ in diameter) to cut out 6-inch circles. Once the dough circles are sitting on your baking sheet, use a pizza cutter to divide each cookie into 6 slices (3 cuts total). Do not space out the triangular slices, as their shape will keep better if they bake adjacent to each other. Note: You should be able to fit 2 x 6-inch circles on your baking sheet, which will give you a total of 12 slices for 4 mini cookie cakes. Bake at 400 degrees for 6 – 8 minutes until the bottom of the slices are lightly golden brown. Once baked, immediately re-cut the lines with the pizza cutter and let the cookies cool to room temperature.

Cookie Cake DIY

Step #2 (optional): Once the cookies have cooled and are firm, run a zester over the top of the cookies to level out any uneven spots on the surface of the slices. You can also gently zest the edges, if they need any reshaping…and any browning on the bottom of the cookies! If you’ve zested your cookies, wipe off any of the dust on the cookie with a paper towel. I use THIS zester btw, and love the grip on it – it allows you to even out the slightest imperfections! This zesting trick is a very handy secret for cookie decorating. Even if your cookies don’t need it, make sure to remember this for any cookie decorating you may do in the future.

Zesting Cookies

Step #3: Place a decorating tip inside of a piping bag and fill the bag with frosting (sidenote: I’ve become obsessed with THESE silicone piping bags recently). Tie the bag closed with a rubber band. Set aside sprinkles and any other decorating supplies you may want to use on your cookie cakes. To assemble, first pipe small dollops atop one of the cookie slices, then add a second cookie slice, another layer of dollops, and top with a third cookie slice (or feel free to keep it at just two layers of cookie, if you prefer!).

Decorating Cookie CakesCookie Cake Tutorial

Step #4: Once stacked, place in the refrigerator for 10 minutes to allow the frosting to set.

Cookie Cake DIY PostCookie Cake DIY

To finish, top with a little frosting, sprinkles, and any other fancy “cake” decor you want to use. In case you were wondering, I used a round decorating tip for the inside dollops and a star decorating tip for the top of the one pictured here.     Decorated Cookie Cakes

Step #5: To serve, I prefer to cut the mini cookie cakes in half and share with a friend. Even though they look like a bit extravagant, remember that the cookie slices equal about 1 regular sized cookie, so as long as you don’t go too crazy with the frosting, each cookie cake is equal to 1 XL cookie.


Tip: If you plan on transporting these, allow the cookies to sit out for at least 1 day (minimum) in a dry space to achieve a crusted buttercream which will make for easier travel and help prevent damage to the frosting. You can read more about crusting buttercream for cookie decorating on baking forum sites like CakeCentral.

I just love these, and hope you guys do too! After shooting the DIY, I made a whole batch of them topped with piped flowers, that I ended up loving…loving so much that I took enough photos of them (way too many) to make up an entire post. You’ll be able to see those on the blog tomorrow!